Thursday, December 31, 2009

Regrets & Resolutions...

So with the New Year right around the corner, I've been spending the last few weeks reflecting on 2009 and looking ahead to 2010. I read a recent article that talked about regrets and it got me thinking about the things in my life that I would like a "do-over" for or need to apologize for since I don't think people should live with regrets... I've also included some of my resolutions for 2010...

1. I really regret not fully appreciating my HOT pre-baby body when I had it!! Looking back on pictures now, I remember always thinking to myself I needed to loose about 5 pounds... BOY- was I delusional!?! I WAS F***ING HOT IN MY HAY DAY!! What I wouldn't give to look like that again! If I could go back, I would probably walk around naked a lot more & have sex with the lights on... in front of a big mirror! LOL ;)

So my resolution for 2010 is to continue to loose my pregnancy weight and to get in better shape. I only have about 10 more pounds to go but I'd like to be more active in 2010. I want to exercise, start doing Pilates again, and walk at least 30 minutes on the treadmill 3 times a week.

2. I'd like to apologize to my vagina! ;) Those 9months leading up to the delivery of my sweet baby girl, I had no idea truly what would be in store for you! I'm sorry I neglected you towards those last few months of my pregnancy {I guess when my ever-growing belly expanded to the point I could no longer see you, I forgot about you :( }. At the time, being on bed rest & barely having the strength to stand up in the shower for 10minutes- much less taking an extra 5min to shave, groom & trim my legs or "my lady" on a regular basis was not really at the top of my priority list and honestly didn't really bother me at the time {I had way too many other things to worry about}... but looking back now, those gruelling 6 hours in labor, legs spread wide open under those bright hospital spotlights shining where the sun is not supposed to shine, was not at all how I wanted "my lady" to have her big debut!... On that note, I should also apologize to all the nurses & doctors who had to stare at my "not camera ready va-jay-jay" for hours and hours while I pushed a life out of it!

So in 2010 I'll be sure to keep "the little lady" in immaculate order for all close-ups! :) LOL... seriously, I do want to take better care of myself this new year. I feel I do a good job when it comes to taking care of my skin on a daily basis, drinking a lot of water, & eating fairly healthy but in 2010 I'm going to make sure I get more massages, facials, & pedicures (tough work right! ;) ... I also need to make sure I go to the dentist & doctor on a regular basis for normal check-ups & cleanings...

3. I bought A LOT of crap in 2009 that I really didn't need!... Going through my closet this year made me realize I seriously need to stop buying clothes (and purses, and shoes, and make-up, etc...boy I could go on & on). I basically need to stop wasting money!! So my resolution for the new decade is to be smarter with my purchases & with our finances. Now, I didn't say I was going to stop shopping ;)... I'm just going to think more carefully before I buy... Having a little baby, definitely helps puts certain things into perspective so before I make a purchase I am going to try to say this affirmation:
"My family is more important than stuff! Will this thing I want to buy move me closer to the vision I have for my family, my home, my marriage, or will it move me farther away from that?"...

4. There are a few times in 2009 where I didn't think before I spoke. Sometimes my mouth & attitude gets me in trouble ;)... I'm also a very honest person (which is a good thing) & don't hide my disapproval for certain things but sometimes with my honesty I think I can be a little harsh... so going in to the new decade I'm going to try really hard to be a lot nicer. {I said TRY!} LOL I'm also going to try and not judge people!... Wish me luck with this one, cause I'll probably forget about this resolution by the end of the week! ;)

5. Another thing I plan to do in 2010, is to live more in the moment & enjoy life... I'm the type of person who while doing one thing, is thinking about the 10 other things that need to be done next. So this new year, I hope to be more "present" in my life. I want to soak up all those special moments I have with my sweet husband, baby girl, family, and friends while I can and learn to not sweat the small stuff.

SO that's it... bring it on 2010!!!

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  1. Happy New Year! Annnnd you've always been hot! Now your a MILF :) Hope you and your family have a wonderful 2010! Muah!