Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Are you listening to me!?!?"...

I've been a little irritated at the moment with my husband!...
First, let me preface this post by saying that there truly is VERY little I have to complain about in the husband department!!... But the few things that he does that actually do get under my skin, BOY do they make my blood boil!!! >=[
The most recent, repeated irritation is the simple act of him not listening to me!!... Or his version, "I just THINK he's not listening!"... I doubt I'm alone here ladies with this complaint. What is it with these men & their hearing when their wife is talking!?... {Hello! I'm speaking A-hole!!... Will you please put that game on pause & at least look in my direction!?... Or when I make a comment or witty remark, acknowledge that I've actually said something! UGH! >=[ }

But what adds even more fuel to my fire is that I basically talk to myself all day long!!! I mean I'm with my sweet baby girl 24/7 and I talk to her but let's be honest, she'll not really participating in witty banter with me! I get an occasional giggle out of her, but I'm sure it's more because I look funny as opposed to her laughing at what I said!... So when my hubby comes home, I'm ready to have an adult conversation & have someone pay attention to me other than the fact that I'm the one feeding & changing your poopie diapers all day!!! Is that too much to ask?!

Okay... Thanks for letting me vent blog friends! :) I at least get a little satisfaction that you girls are listening to me! ;)

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fives: 5 Things you don't know...


1. I love talk radio!... When I used to be a career woman, I listened to NPR every morning on my way to work & on the way home & I LOVED it! I had SUCH a long commute everyday, and the Top 40 & country radio stations always played the same crap over and over again & it was so annoying! My hubby listens to talk radio so he had a few of the stations pre-set in the car and I turned it on one day when I couldn't take anymore of the other radio stations & fell in love once I gave it at chance {Let's be honest, before when hubs & I would ride in the car together & he put it on talk radio, it totally got on my nerves, but I was just being a brat about it and never bothered to listen to it then ;) }... Now that I'm not in the car as much, I miss listening to all my favorite morning people on NPR. Sometimes when I have to be up early & am on the road for something like a doctor's appointment, it makes me feel so happy to drink my hot coffee & listen to talk radio- just like the old days! LOL :)

Plus since I've been taking Baby Girl to swim lessons everyday, I've gotten to listen to Dave Ramsey on the way home & get my talk radio fix!... I love it! :)

2. I can't stand Miracle Whip!... I am "Team Mayo" all the way!! I always ask for extra mayonnaise on everything & even dip my french fries in mayo! Miracle Whip is totally against my religion! LOL :)

3. I was allergic to my engagement ring!... A few weeks after I got engaged, I broke out with a bumpy, itchy rash from my ring finger all the way to my elbow!!... Turns out, I am allergic to white gold! My doctor ordered my "then" soon-to-be hubby to have my ring redone in platinum!... SERIOUSLY! ;)

4. Driving over big bodies of water terrify me!... If I have to drive over a bridge, you don't want to be the car behind me because I'm usually going 20 miles an hour!... And if the bridge it a small two lane one, I'll probably come to a complete stop if a big truck is passing in the other lane!

5. I shave my arms! ... if I didn't, I would be one hairy beast- especially since I have dark hair! :) I started waxing my arms in high school & hated that because it was so painful so I eventually started shaving them & I LOVE it! I would eventually like to get that laser hair removal all over my body, but for now shaving them works just fine... Plus, I've been doing it so long that now when it grows back it's not as nearly as wilda-beast as it used to be! ;)

Also, if I can pass along one piece of advice to you almost engaged, brunette ladies, if you happen to know when you & your man are going shopping for that engagement ring- make sure you shave your knuckles!!! Just imagine trying on so many beautiful, sparkly rings while everyone stares at your finger... nothing kills the mood like big, black hairs poking out from under that rock!- TRUST ME, I learned the hard way! :)

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

I can't wait for... (Summer Edition)

For the past few days, with the temperature reaching into the 80's here in Nashville, it's really got me thinking about summertime and the things I look forward to during the warm weather...

So I've put together a list of things I've been thinking about lately and what I CAN'T WAIT FOR... :)

1. The icee & popcorn combo at Target!... Let's be honest, one of my FAVORITE things to do on a weekend afternoon (especially before I was a mommy) was to spend an hour shopping at Target with a buttery bag of popcorn & a big cherry coke icee in my shopping cart! {Mmmmmm! I think everyplace should sell Icee's}... Even now that I am a mommy, it never ceases to amaze me how theraputic a Target trip can be! It doesn't get much better than that, especially when my little treat is less than $2!... (Correction- being able to share an icee & popcorn with Sweet Baby Girl will make it even better!)

2. Hot pink nail polish!... So I am a nail polish freak/hoarder! ;) I totally think of nail polish colors as an extension of accessorizing any outfit & pick my colors pertaining to my mood... Lately, I've really been into pale grayish/purples/taupes and corals, but I can't wait for the first time I paint my nails my "summertime hot pink"... Just thinking about it makes me feel that hot, humid Nashville air on my face! :)
My hot pink picks are OPI's "Strawberry Margarita", "La Paz-itively Hot", and "Elephantastic Pink"

3. Me & Hubs trip to the beach!!... It has been WAAAYYYY TOO LONG since my feet have touched sand so I am SUPER DUPER excited about our vacation to South Carolina this summer!

One of my hubby's college roommates is getting married right outside Charleston so the in-laws are keeping baby girl and hubs & I are taking a few extra days and going to Folly Beach! WooHoo! I CAN'T WAIT!!! {I'm also extremely nervous about this one too because this will be the first time me and Baby Girl have been apart for longer than a couple hours!!! EEK! <=[ }

4. A BIG OLE' MARGARITA!! and an extra dirty vodka martini! (not in the same night though! LOL) ... You better believe I'll be having one of each at some point during our little vacation since we will be baby-free and I will no longer be breast-feeding when we go! :)

5. The "Weber Lake Compound" to be finished (or the "WLC" as I like to call it! LOL ;)... As long as I've know my hubby, his parents have had this teeny-tiny lake cabin on a beautiful piece of property on Kentucky lake. When we first started dating, he convinced me to go for a weekend at their family lake cabin... Well it wasn't until we were on our way that he informed me that this "cabin" didn't have any air conditioning OR television!! {WTF?!- Seriously!!} I cannot believe I made it out of there alive!!! LOL... 7 years later, I have not been back! At least once or twice a year the "Weber men" would go to the lake cabin and the ladies would stay with my MIL at their house for a weekend of shopping & pampering while the men roughed it at the lake!... But not this summer! Hubs & his brother FINALLY convinced their parents to tear down the old cabin & build a new one!... And you better believe I will be going to the new one! We can't wait to sit on the back deck at look out at the water!

What are you guys looking forward to this summer???

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playdate Picnic...

On Saturday, Anniston had her very first playdate picnic in the park!
My friend, Tonia, has 2 daughters... One who is just 2 months younger than Anniston, so we couldn't wait to get our girls together for a playdate!
The girls were both preemies, so now that they are both over 6 months old & the weather is warming up, it was time to get the together!... :)

We couldn't have asked for better weather! I think this was actually the first time I've ever had a picnic!... I LOVED IT!! And I think Sweet Baby Girl liked it a lot too!... She just sat still and enjoyed being outside and seeing all the people...

Of course I had to take a picture of me & sweet baby in our coordinating playdate outfits! LOL ;)

Then on Sunday we went to church & came home & set the camera up to take a family picture... :)

My friend, Rhiannon, got Baby Girl this pretty dress... She looked just like a little princess today that we had to take a ton of pictures ;)

Later in the afternoon, we all went to Lowe's to look around because we are planning to do some upgrades on our landscaping & deck, so we walked around to get some prices... I have to honestly say, I have never had so much fun at Lowe's before! I got goosebumps looking at brand new washer & dryers and kitchen appliances you would have thought I was in Louis Vuitton or something! LOL :)

Meet my newest obsession!...

Aren't they GORGEOUS!! Who would have thunk I would be fantasizing about a washer & dryer!! My, my, how our priorities change! :)

Well, that's all for now, I need to get ready for bed & get baby girl's things ready for her 1st day of infant swim tomorrow! WooHoo! I'll be sure to blog about that later this week! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

If I were...

Here's a fun little game from Teaching in Heels' blog-

If I were...
If I were a month, I’d be... May because I love the weather in May.

If I were a day of the week, I’d be... Sunday so I could go to Sunday brunch for eggs Benedict & a mimosa! ;)

If I were a time of day, I’d be... Bedtime!

If I were a planet, I’d be... Pluto- because everyone thought I was just a teeny tiny planet til everyone realized I was a star! ;) hehe

If I were a sea animal, I'd be... a sea gull cause I can't swim & love eating seafood! :)

If I were a direction, I’d be... STOP!

If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be... a white couch- doesnt like to be touched or get dirty! :)

If I were a liquid, I’d be... A glass of Cabernet- a lot more fun after a few glasses.

If I were a gemstone, I’d be... a pearl (is that a gemstone?!)

If I were a tree, I’d be... An orange tree.

If I were a tool, I’d be... One of those screwdrivers with the pretty pink handles that never really gets used for "manly" stuff!! ;)

If I were a flower, I’d be... a white orchid!

If I were a kind of weather, I'd be... Partly sunny :)

If I were a musical instrument, I’d be... A cow bell.

If I were a color, I’d be... A light, creamy pink! ;)

If I were an emotion, I'd be... Confused.

If I were a fruit, I’d be... an avocado.

If I were an element, I’d be... Light.

If I were a car, I'd be... A white Porsche Cayenne Turbo with baseball glove leather! :)

If I were a food, I’d be... a caprese salad

If I were a place, I’d be... Super Target!! :)

If I were a material, I’d be... Something cozy.

If I were a scent, I’d be... Johnson & Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath.

If I were an animal, I'd be... Scared of myself because I'm not an animal person!

If I were a facial expression, I’d be... a raised eyebrow!

If I were a song, I’d be... The ABC's or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star because I'm always singing them to Baby Girl.

If I were a pair of shoes, I’d be... Leopard print ballet flats- classic with a fashionable twist! ;)

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

{So I know this is supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday" but Candace Bushnell is one of my favorite authors and I can't wait for her latest book to come out later this month!}

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UGH!! I'm so sick of...

Excuse me for a moment while I vent, but I am SO SICK of a few things...

  • I am SO SICK of all these male celebrities having affairs and then checking into rehab to cure their "addiction"... UGH!!! I'm sorry but I'm from planet "You can't cure being a HUGE, CHEATING DIRTBAG by checking into rehab!"... I CANNOT being to tell you how disgusted I am by this idiot!...

I chose to post a picture of Tiger with his beautiful wife & children because I am SO appalled that he decided to risk his family life to chase every hooker with a tramp stamp! >=( ... He's playing in the Master's this week and that was actually the ONE golf tournament I enjoy watching with my husband but my blood is just boiling thinking about it being on all weekend... UGH!

And then there's this idiot!...

I am a HUGE Sandra Bullock fan and this just breaks my heart for her! Especially since she was on top of the world with her Oscar win!... I actually JUST watched the Blind Side this past weekend for the first time and throughout the whole movie, I would think about her devistating situation and kept getting distracted from the movie!
  • I'm also double sick over these looser girls trying their hardest to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame!... Earth to Tiger's mistresses: it's not a good thing to publicly label yourself as one of the hundreds of loosers that slept with this married man! Please just crawl back under the dirty rock from where you came & take him with you! {Sorry for being so ugly & mean but I do not do well with infedelity!}

  • I am so sick of everytime I go in my backyard, being swarmed by wasps! I don't know about where y'all live, but in Nashville they have been really bad lately! I DO NOT do bug well and ones that can sting you scare the tar out of me!

  • I am SO SICK of people with NO ROAD MANNERS!! >=( I like to think of myself as a friendly driver... if someone let's me over or let's me pass, I always give a friendly "thank you wave"... so when I do nice road things, I expect a thank you in return people!... You know I didn't have to let you over dude, so the least you can do is give a girl a thank you wave!

  • I am really sick of hearing this song played over and over on the radio... I really liked it at first but with so many other songs that are played on the radio, they have ruined it by playing it every 30 minutes!

  • I am SO SICK of my daughter pulling her own hair out!!! She's been doing it for the last 2 days!... She pulled out a BIG chuck yesterday and since then has pulled out a few pieces at a time & she DOES NOT have a lot to spare! She has just enough long strands in the front to support a pretty bow & those are the ones she's pulling out! {Yes, I have been saving what I can in a plastic baggie! :( }

So that's all I'll complain about for now!... Thanks for letting me vent! >=(

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hi friends! Long time no blog, huh?! ;)

I have had a busy few days that's for sure! I've really been trying to "live in the moment" too and enjoy the time I have with my sweet baby girl and hubs so I haven't been online as much lately! I can't believe my little baby is almost 9 months old! It's going by WAY TOO FAST so I'm trying to enjoy & be present for every moment!

I know I have a few readers that follow this blog that may not know I have another one as well... if any of ya'll are interested in reading about my last few days, I've written some posts about them on my "family" blog ( ... {I'm not as clever or witty with that blog! LOL!... I mainly just use that one to post pictures of baby girl :)}... It's been so pretty here in Nashville that we got sweet baby girl a baby pool last week and took her to her first trip to the zoo... You can see all those pics on that blog if you're interested & also see all our Easter pictures :)

But here's a few to tickle your fancy for my "Purses, Poo and Playdates" readers... :)

The baby pool...

The zoo...

{P.S. I bought this dress last spring and was SUPER DUPER EXCITED I fit back into it!... I had to put a little double-sided tape on it because my "mom boobs" wanted to bust out! ;) }

Here's sweet baby girl in her Easter outfit... I just love putting her in big, flooffy dresses and I think she loves getting all dressed up too!... although she still refuses to keep shoes on her feet!...

Egg hunt...

I also made some fun Easter cupcakes this year!...

It was so fun & SUPER easy!... It's just strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing... I dyed shredded coconut with green food coloring to look like grass and sprinkled them with sugar sprinkles & topped them with marshmallow peeps using a toothpick!

Then I just got some containers & Easter ribbon and gave them to friends & family! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Wishful Wednesday: Handbags...

So I just couldn't resist joining in on the fun today over at The Seattle Smith's blog ( She hosts a weekly topic called "Wishful Wednesday" and today's wish is:

'I wish' ... I could afford this _______ handbag without putting a dent in my pocketbook!

Now how could I resist right!? This is right up my ally!! :) ... The only problem is settling on just ONE expensive handbag!! So I'm gonna share my top 2... cause let's face it, if I'm wiping my bottom with $100 bills, I'm going all out!!...

1. The Hermes Birkin 35cm in Camel Crocodile ($65,000)-

{"Oh my Holy Handbag Heaven, Batman!!"}... Yes, that's right!... SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A HANDBAG!!... INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!... Birkins usually start around $5,000 and can go up as high as $100,000 depending on the material!! Plus there is at least a 2 year waiting list!

So what do you get for 65G's aside from a BEAUTIFUL handbag??? It comes with a special little pillow for your bag to sleep on made of one of a kind Hermes tissue paper (there's actually Hermes tissue paper craftsman that spend their entire lives folding tissue paper for Hermes bags!) & the bag comes with its own passport!- Seriously! LOL :)

I will probably never even get to be in the presence of this bag, much less own one... but a girl can dream right!?...

2. The Chanel Classic X-large Flap bag in black lambskin ($1,795)-

To me, this handbag is purse royalty! There is NOTHING more iconic or more ladylike than a black Chanel quilted handbag with chain straps- NOTHING!! It is the MOST CLASSIC purse someone will ever own!... So much so, that not a whole lot has changed since Coco Chanel started making them herself in 1955! This is the kind of bag that you hand down to your daughter & granddaughter... And hopefully one day I'll do just that!! ;)