Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UGH!! I'm so sick of...

Excuse me for a moment while I vent, but I am SO SICK of a few things...

  • I am SO SICK of all these male celebrities having affairs and then checking into rehab to cure their "addiction"... UGH!!! I'm sorry but I'm from planet "You can't cure being a HUGE, CHEATING DIRTBAG by checking into rehab!"... I CANNOT being to tell you how disgusted I am by this idiot!...

I chose to post a picture of Tiger with his beautiful wife & children because I am SO appalled that he decided to risk his family life to chase every hooker with a tramp stamp! >=( ... He's playing in the Master's this week and that was actually the ONE golf tournament I enjoy watching with my husband but my blood is just boiling thinking about it being on all weekend... UGH!

And then there's this idiot!...

I am a HUGE Sandra Bullock fan and this just breaks my heart for her! Especially since she was on top of the world with her Oscar win!... I actually JUST watched the Blind Side this past weekend for the first time and throughout the whole movie, I would think about her devistating situation and kept getting distracted from the movie!
  • I'm also double sick over these looser girls trying their hardest to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame!... Earth to Tiger's mistresses: it's not a good thing to publicly label yourself as one of the hundreds of loosers that slept with this married man! Please just crawl back under the dirty rock from where you came & take him with you! {Sorry for being so ugly & mean but I do not do well with infedelity!}

  • I am so sick of everytime I go in my backyard, being swarmed by wasps! I don't know about where y'all live, but in Nashville they have been really bad lately! I DO NOT do bug well and ones that can sting you scare the tar out of me!

  • I am SO SICK of people with NO ROAD MANNERS!! >=( I like to think of myself as a friendly driver... if someone let's me over or let's me pass, I always give a friendly "thank you wave"... so when I do nice road things, I expect a thank you in return people!... You know I didn't have to let you over dude, so the least you can do is give a girl a thank you wave!

  • I am really sick of hearing this song played over and over on the radio... I really liked it at first but with so many other songs that are played on the radio, they have ruined it by playing it every 30 minutes!

  • I am SO SICK of my daughter pulling her own hair out!!! She's been doing it for the last 2 days!... She pulled out a BIG chuck yesterday and since then has pulled out a few pieces at a time & she DOES NOT have a lot to spare! She has just enough long strands in the front to support a pretty bow & those are the ones she's pulling out! {Yes, I have been saving what I can in a plastic baggie! :( }

So that's all I'll complain about for now!... Thanks for letting me vent! >=(

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  1. Girly I am equally as sick of the famous dirt bags that think they can cheat on their wives and then say they need rehab for it....um no that's not o.k.! Oh and the girls who want their 5 min of fame....Really....um no that's not o.k. either! LOL

    I watched the Blindside a couple weeks ago for the first time and the whole movie I was like I cannot believe Jesse did this to Sandra while she was filming this movie and then he sat there and nodded and cried at her acceptance speech when she praised him and said now she knows what it is like for someone to have her back! Ooooh I am so mad at him and Tiger....

    I can't even watch the tournament....Uggggg

    Sorry I am ranting right along side ya girly LOL

    Summer :0)