Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fives: 5 Things you don't know...


1. I love talk radio!... When I used to be a career woman, I listened to NPR every morning on my way to work & on the way home & I LOVED it! I had SUCH a long commute everyday, and the Top 40 & country radio stations always played the same crap over and over again & it was so annoying! My hubby listens to talk radio so he had a few of the stations pre-set in the car and I turned it on one day when I couldn't take anymore of the other radio stations & fell in love once I gave it at chance {Let's be honest, before when hubs & I would ride in the car together & he put it on talk radio, it totally got on my nerves, but I was just being a brat about it and never bothered to listen to it then ;) }... Now that I'm not in the car as much, I miss listening to all my favorite morning people on NPR. Sometimes when I have to be up early & am on the road for something like a doctor's appointment, it makes me feel so happy to drink my hot coffee & listen to talk radio- just like the old days! LOL :)

Plus since I've been taking Baby Girl to swim lessons everyday, I've gotten to listen to Dave Ramsey on the way home & get my talk radio fix!... I love it! :)

2. I can't stand Miracle Whip!... I am "Team Mayo" all the way!! I always ask for extra mayonnaise on everything & even dip my french fries in mayo! Miracle Whip is totally against my religion! LOL :)

3. I was allergic to my engagement ring!... A few weeks after I got engaged, I broke out with a bumpy, itchy rash from my ring finger all the way to my elbow!!... Turns out, I am allergic to white gold! My doctor ordered my "then" soon-to-be hubby to have my ring redone in platinum!... SERIOUSLY! ;)

4. Driving over big bodies of water terrify me!... If I have to drive over a bridge, you don't want to be the car behind me because I'm usually going 20 miles an hour!... And if the bridge it a small two lane one, I'll probably come to a complete stop if a big truck is passing in the other lane!

5. I shave my arms! ... if I didn't, I would be one hairy beast- especially since I have dark hair! :) I started waxing my arms in high school & hated that because it was so painful so I eventually started shaving them & I LOVE it! I would eventually like to get that laser hair removal all over my body, but for now shaving them works just fine... Plus, I've been doing it so long that now when it grows back it's not as nearly as wilda-beast as it used to be! ;)

Also, if I can pass along one piece of advice to you almost engaged, brunette ladies, if you happen to know when you & your man are going shopping for that engagement ring- make sure you shave your knuckles!!! Just imagine trying on so many beautiful, sparkly rings while everyone stares at your finger... nothing kills the mood like big, black hairs poking out from under that rock!- TRUST ME, I learned the hard way! :)

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  1. I am a huge mayo fan too! I've never even tried miracle whip but sounds like you're a serious mayo fan so I'll take your word for it and stay away from the whippy stuff - ha!

    Great list! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I So did not know any of these things about you!!! I cant believe that about your engagement ring!!!

    I want to come watch a swimming lesson one day!!

  3. I'm laughing so hard on your #3!!! Seriously? Not that your breaking out is funny but I can just imagine what went through your poor back then finace's mind!! But then, this is a great way to get a platinum ring outta white gold one! Ha ha!

  4. The hubs looooves Dave Ramsey and anything Talk Radio I have gotten to where I like it alot too now!

    Oh my goodness girl I am allergic to white gold too! Well I am allergic to alot so it isn't suprising but I had the same thing happen with my engagement ring so now I have a plat ring, anniversary ring, and wedding band, gotta love that LOL :0)

    Driving over bodies of water freaks me out! I drive super fast to get to the other side and oh my gosh when we drive to JHU every 3 mths we have to go through the underground tunnel that is through a body of water and I freak....The hubs drives that part and I close my eyes LOL....

    Have a great weekend
    Summer :0)

  5. How awful to be allergic to your engagement ring! Glad your hubby got it fixed! Love your blog! Too cute! :)

  6. Glad your husband was able to fix the engagement ring situation!

    I'm freaked out about driving over water too! I always have my hand on the window switch in case we go overboard! :)

    Happy weekend!

  7. And you say I'm high maintenance! Your body literally rejected white gold! HAHAHA! Seriously tho, NPR? Bores the bajeezes out of me. But maybe the Dave Ramsey show could do me some good... I waxed my arms for the first time this year and I love having smooth arms! I love both mayo and miracle whip, but the full fat kind. That fat free mess tastes like doodoo, lol.

  8. I LOVE NPR TALK RADIO TOO!! I didn't know that about you! I also feel very special that we experienced waxing our arms together for the first time in HS. We were soooooo cool! LOL!

  9. I Love Dave Ramsey! Annd Tennisha talked me into shaving my arms in school and I never did it again! I wish I would have because I looked like a cave woman in my wedding

  10. So funny, I totally listen to Dave Ramsey while I take my one year old to swim lessons. I LOVE listening to him. One, he gives good advice, and two, it makes me feel much better about my financial I know that's bad! Thanks for the post, I found your blog through another blog that is a part of a bloghop on Jenna's Journey blog...confusing I know...