Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There have been a couple recent decisions in our life that have me thinking a lot about investments.
Since I used to work as a banker pre-mommyhood, I think I have a pretty good understanding about this topic... I have definitely seen first hand the benefits of smart investments & saving your money.... So starting the new year, the hubs & I have decided to make a few "investments" of our own.

With the arrival of our sweet baby girl, you start thinking about her future from the very beginning... So we've decided to start her a college fund. {my friend, Beth, had the great idea of starting her a "purse fund"... I'm still trying to convince the hubs on the importance of this one! LOL}.... anyhoo, I'm really happy about this decision because I didn't have a college fund when I graduated high school & know first hand how much student loan payments cost each month! And it's never too early to start right!?
We talked to our investment guy & figuring the cost of college tution going up every year, it would take at least $250 every month for 18 years to afford the University of TN!!! That's insane! Can you imagine if she goes to an out of state college! Good thing we're starting before she's even a year old! {sheesh!} ... Hopefully Anniston can get a scholarship somewhere though & we can use her college fund money to buy her a brand new BMW & Louis Vuitton instead!... The really important things! Lol ;)

Another big investment we started this year is into the stock market... Hubs & I have usually played it pretty safe & invested our money in low risk mutual funds... But hubs started a side business last year that has produced some extra income & instead of all that sitting earning no interest in a business account, we decided to take a little gamble & invest it in some stocks... This I'm a little nervous about, I'm not gonna lie! Hopefully it'll work in our favor! {fingers crossed} ... I've always been a believer in the "Carrie Bradshaw philosophy of investing"- it should be in your closet where you can see it!! ;) but it's a new decade right!?...

And aside from financial investments, hubs & I have started a personal investment in our marriage & family life... Every night when the hubs comes home from work we have family time. I cook dinner while hubs plays with baby girl then we all sit at the dinner table to eat.
This is a change for us cause we used to always use TV trays & eat infront of the TV & catch up on our shows. I'm happy to say we've spent every night at the table since Christmas. We talk about our day & what's going on & dont normally watch TV til the little one is asleep. It's been really nice!... We actually didn't plan this one, we just sat at the dinner table one night and really enjoyed our time together and have been doing it ever since. Hopefully we can keep this up after American Idol starts again! ;)

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