Friday, January 22, 2010

"Show Us Your Life: Favorite Shops..."

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Well I've decided to jump on the Kelly's Corner "Show Us Your Life" posts... ( )This week's topic is "Where do you shop?"... For me, it should really be "where don't I shop!" LOL ;) Here are a few on my favorites (aside from Target & TJ Maxx)...


Other than bras & panties, VS is really my go to on-line shopping destination for clothes too! That's probably where most of my clothes come from! I especially love their PINK collection, swimsuits & cashmere sweaters but surprisingly they have awesome work clothes too!!

This place is like my version of Disneyland!- REALLY! I started getting into organic & natural foods a few years ago when I first got married and it was kinda hard to find organics at regular grocery stores... then we finally got a Whole Foods in Nashville and it was like all my prayers were answered! This place just makes me happy! :) I find myself going there a lot more now to get fresh fruits & veggies to make sweet baby girl's baby food!
So I know this has been around for a while, but I kinda just discovered it & fell in love! I used to only use it to buy books but I have finally discovered the great deals you can find on everything else!... and not pay taxes or shipping!! We used Amazon to buy most of our Christmas presents this year.

My friend Beth told me about this site & I am literally on here every week! There is SO much to look at. Its a place for people to buy & sell handmade items. They have the cutest one-of-a-kind baby things... I could go broke getting things for sweet baby girl on here!


I used to joke that I was gonna name my dog "Ann Taylor" because I love this store so much! LOL!... I've been going through Ann Taylor withdrawals! :( As a SAHM, I have no reason to shop here anymore, but in my working days I couldn't get enough of this place! (Which is kinda funny cause when I was younger I always thought this is where old lady's shop! LOL) But they have such classic, feminine clothes & jewelry that is totally my style! It may be on the pricier side, but with age I have realized you get what you pay for & investing in well-made, classic pieces are the best buying advice I can give! Their clothes are SO worth every penny because they will last a lifetime! My Ann Taylor wardrobe is actually one of the things motivating me to keep loosing the baby weight because I will be so bummed if I can't fit in that stuff any more!

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  1. I love Victoria Secret too! Well here in Canada we shop at La Senza to buy all the great Victoria Secret stuff! They have the best lip gloss I have ever tried( and tasted...ha!) Thanks for sharing!


    I didn't do a post for this weeks show us how you live, because of other things going on in my life today, but feel free to hope on over to my blog :)