Sunday, November 1, 2009

Romance defined...

Isn't it funny once you've been married for a while, you begin to get a new definition of romance?!...

This weekend my husband did something that just made my heart flutter you would have thought he surprised me with a bouquet of flowers & chocolates!

I had been dropping hints for over a year that we needed to clean out the kitchen light fixture. It's one of those long plastic fluorescent units that has been collecting a pile of dead bugs inside since we've lived here! You could actually see a black line from the outside that was the collection of bug carcasses! {so gross-I know!}

So on Saturday when I got home from running errands, hubs looked over at me with the biggest grin on his face...

Hubs- "Guess what I did while you were gone?"...
Me- "What???"
Hubs- "Just guess..."
Me- {my eyes immediately focus in on the kitchen light} "OMG! Did you clean the light out?!?!?"
Hubs- "YUP!!!" ;)

If we wouldn't have had company over at that moment, I would have gave him a BIG KISS on the lips!! It was really hard to contain how excited I was when he told me! ... And ever since then, I can't tell you how many times I've looked over to the kitchen and smiled & said to the Hubs, "I can't believe you cleaned out the light! Look how bright it is in there!" :)

Guess he's still sucking up from that whole "Dish Scrubber" incident! ;)

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