Monday, March 15, 2010

Thank heaven you're home!...

So I am WAY behind on my blogging! I mentioned in my last post that my hubby had been away all week for work... he came home Thursday evening, then left again Friday night & Saturday night for a bachelor party weekend for one of his old college roommates... so that left me to be a "single parent" all week with sweet baby girl! LET ME TELL YA, I AM POOPED!!!! {shew!}

He came home yesterday morning and I happily handed the baby over to spend the afternoon with my best friend Jana! We had the best time together- as we usually do... and when your a SAHM it's always so nice to get away, put a bra & some make-up on, and not have to use my "mom-voice" for a while! ;)

So today is now Monday evening, and even though I got to have a "me" day the day before, I still feel like I'm dragging & I can't get caught up with everything I need to do!... I HATE that feeling!
It also doesn't help my day that my sweet baby girl THREW-UP ALL OVER ME THIS AFTERNOON!!! :( I was sitting on the couch and had her Boppy on my lap and she was sitting on top of it playing with a toy. Then out of no where, she spewed all over the both of us!!! I LITERALLY COULD NOT MOVE!!! If I tried to get up, I would have ruined our couch because it was all in my lap! {Thank goodness I had my legs together when it happened!}

I knew my hubs was almost home so I called to check how far away he was... He was just outside our subdivision so I told him what happened and waited for him to walk in the door to save the day!... The three minutes I was sitting there covered in baby throw-up, trying not to get sick from the sight & smell myself, I was thinking what would I have done if he wasn't here!!
As soon as hubs walked through the door, he grabbed baby girl & set her down so he could help me get cleaned up enough to stand up! I jumped in the shower while he cleaned the baby & gave her a bath... Then he fed her and finished making our dinner so I could do the laundry.

A few minutes later when we were all standing in the kitchen, I looked down & saw ants by the sink & stove!!! SERIOUSLY!?! If this day wasn't already bad enough! Hubs again came to the rescue and took care of the ant problem (I do not deal well with bugs!)... All I could think was "Ahhh... Thank heaven you're home!" :)

*Side note- We took baby girl's tempurature and it was normal. She hasn't thrown up again since so we are just keeping an eye on her.

**New car update- So after getting a new battery installed from Auto Zone, taking it in to the BMW place to look over since all the check engine lights were on after they put it in, and $400 later, our new car is finally on the road! The guy who changed the battery at Auto Zone didn't know what he was doing and blew a fuse!...

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  1. Long time no blog! I was wondering where you were! Sounds like you are having quite the Monday dear! Glad your hubby is home! Thank goodness he was close enough to come to the rescue or you would have had to do the scoot off the couch thing hoping not to drip baby puke on your couch! Glad she isn't sick! Yesterday Kelcee ate some watermelon and it must not of set well and she said "mommy I have a belly ache" I turned around and she threw up all over the floor! Bless her heart....luckily it was our hardwood floors in the kitchen! I was scared she may have caught something but she has been fine ever since!

    I heart days out with friends! It's nice to get out every once in awhile!

    OMG about the whole BMW thing and the car battery....Glad it is all well now and you can finely drive that pretty SUV....

    Summer ;0)