Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lakehouse Weekend Wrap-up

Hi friends... It is Tuesday night and I am finally starting to get back in the swing of things...

This past weekend, my sweet husband and good friend Stephanie planned a weekend getaway for several of our friends to our family lake house in Kentucky. We left Thursday morning and didn't get back until dinner time Sunday night. It was a BLAST!... We didn't do anything but spend all day on the lake Friday and Saturday, ate a TON of food, and laughed A LOT. It was a great time!... It was the last of my 30th Birthday celebrations! LOL :-)

I really wish I had some great pictures to share with you, but my camera BLOWS!!!! It drives me crazy EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I use it! I could literally throw it against the wall some days because I feel like I miss out on capturing SO MANY wonderful memories because it doesn't take pictures worth a crap... so I have basically nothing to show for my wonderful weekend except a bunch of blurry photos with red eyes... :-( {tear}

The FEW pics that DID manage to turn out, I'll post so I can share SOME of the highlights... :)

Yes... it was a friendship bracelet making extravaganza! LOL ;-)

My husband & Stephanie's husband tried to escape by float at one point... LOL ;-)

Since my husband had been drinking on the boat all day Saturday & refused to build me the bonfire I wanted... I had to take matters into my own hands and ended up making Smores Nachos in the oven!... (You can find the recipe here ... I used regular marshmallows & omitted the caramel sauce)... It was DIVINE!

It took 7 adults and 30 minutes researching on the Internet to find out how to play beer pong! LOL ... Yes most of us went to college, but I guess we slipped through the beer pong cracks because I don't think any of us had played before!... I opted for water instead of beer, but still had a BLAST playing! I put my bottled water in my "My tiara is giving me a headache" koozie ;-) ... My sweet husband on the other hand, took one for the team & played with beer... needless to say, he is still recovering!

On a different note, did y'all watch the VMAs Sunday night?... So I think I was a bit old to still be watching this show, by 5 years, but I was blown away when I saw this...

I LOVED the way Beyonce announced her pregnancy!! She sang her song, rocked it like she normally does, then at the end, unbuttons her jacket & shows the world her baby bump! YOU GO GIRL! That was awesome! :-)

And finally, just want to send my prayers with everyone that was affected by Hurricane Irene this weekend! God Bless you all!

Check back tomorrow for this week's "What I'm Obsessed with (Wednesday)" :)

Nite, nite!

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