Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Obsessed with (Wednesday)...

Ahhh... Another Wednesday is here... and I've got to think about my latest obsessions... Hmmm, I'd like to say it gets hard at times coming up with things, but I'm a girl who likes STUFF! ;-)

So here's my OBSESSIONS for this week...

1. Victoria's Secret-

I've never met a female (or male for that matter) that doesn't like Victoria's Secret! I REFUSE to by my underthings from anywhere else, but what some people may not know is how FREAKIN' AWESOME their clothes are!... and some very reasonable prices too!

More times than not, I will be wearing clothing I bought online at Victoria's Secret... and this time of year is when some of my favorite things come out! They have THE BEST fall/winter sweaters, in my opinion! My closet is over stocked with their stuff & I wouldn't have it any other way... :-)

This little silk & cashmere number is one of my ESSENTIAL cold weather basics...

Silk & Cashmere Tunic Sweater- $60

I probably shouldn't share this with the world, but between the turtle neck version, cardigan version, & crew neck version, I'm pretty sure I own every color it comes in... and multiples in the black & grey colors!! :-)

I LIVE in these sweaters all winter long! They look fabulous with dress pants or jeans... under a collared shirt... or with a pretty scarf! THESE sweaters are the BOMB!!!... And now it comes in this version...
And this...
And this...

You better believe they are all on my wish list ;)

My other current Victoria's Secret obsession is this...

VS PINK Yoga half-zip $40

Victoria's Secret PINK collection is my go-to in lounge wear! And this cozy little number is a little piece of heaven!

2. Coupons

So I have been using coupons since before it was cool! LOL :-) Coupons + Publix= my happy place :)

I am by no means an extreme couponer! But it does make my belly hurt just thinking about paying full price for certain things like toothpaste, dish detergent, cereal, shampoo, conditioner, and all those other laundry list of things you can get at rock bottom prices or basically for free just by using coupons!

My SIL, just got on the coupon bandwagon & I must say she is KICKING BUTT & TAKING NAMES AT THE GROCERY FOLKS! I am so proud! And don't you know, if you're a "couponer" and someone you know is venturing over to your world, nothing makes you happier!... When she was texting me about the deals she got & how much she saved, I got all giddy & happy, like I was the one who saved that money, but coupons are infectious! They make everybody smile! (unless your the lady standing behind me at the check-out who doesn't use coupons, then you're cursing every single one the cashier has to scan!) HA! :)

P.S. Speaking of coupons & Publix... Do you remember this post about this obsession of mine...
Well Publix has this hairspray on sale this week for $12.99! I'm headed there tonight with my $3 off manufacturer coupon & $1 off Target coupon in hand! This bad boy is only gonna cost me $8.99! SWEET!

3. Chocolate milk

So I've been on a chocolate milk kick lately! I just can't get enough of it!... There's a glass sitting in front of me right now :)... but one thing I didn't know until today when I was trying to finding a picture to put on this post, is that it's good to drink chocolate milk after a workout. The article I read said, drinking something that contains carbohydrates & protein (like chocolate milk) is nearly 40% more effective than drinking something with protein alone at helping muscles repair themselves and grow after a workout... who knew?!... not me! :)

In my case, I was actually blogging & drinking chocolate milk INSTEAD of working out!... Hmmm, wonder if that helps anything?! ;-)

So if you read my last post, you know how much I hate my camera... and if you are my husband, you know ALL TOO WELL how much my current camera pisses me off, because you have to hear my wrath!... So it's no surprise, this is an obsession...

5. A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!
UGH!!!!!! I am in desperate need of a new camera! I'm not saying this is the one I need or the one I'm gonna get (I don't know a lot about the differences between cameras... I have yet to do my research)... All I know is I NEED ONE PRONTO!... One that will actually take pictures FAST (while I'm trying to capture a moving toddler fast!), NOT BLURRY, EASY TO USE & DOESN'T GIVE EVERYBODY RED EYES!... So if anybody out there in blog land has any suggestions, please send them my way! I am SO SICK of cursing my camera every time I try to capture a memorable moment!... it totally ruins the joy of what I'm doing and that is SO UPSETTING! :(

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