Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts...

I have a tummy ache!... I baked these on a whim tonight and think I had 2 or 3 too many...

Nutella Cookies

1 cup Nutella

1/2 cup sugar

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 whole egg

Preheat oven 350. Blend all ingredients well. Form 1" balls. Place on a cookie sheet. Press down with the bottom of a glass. Bake 7-8 minutes or until set.

The thought may or may not have crossed my mind to sandwich 2 of these yummies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream... maybe tomorrow when my tummy ache passes... :)

I found this recipe (along with tons of others) on Pinterest and I am happy to announce this was my first "Pinterest found project!"... I've joked that I can barely tear myself away from pinning long enough to actually try one of the millions of bright ideas I find on there... so I thought I'd give 'er a whirl! They were pretty delicious if I say so myself :)

In other news...

Tonight, my husband and I had a fight at the dinner table... It was ugly! I cried. I had to get up and leave my plate because I thought I was going to throw up...

Well I guess it wasn't "really" a fight... Honestly, it was more like me being a raving, lunatic, BITCH and yelling at him in front of my sweet baby girl!... My husband is not a "yeller"... He's not a fighter. He is THE. SWEETEST. MAN. I have ever been lucky enough to meet!... We don't fight! Very, very rarely do we argue in front of our daughter... Really more often than not, it's me yelling at my husband for something (not listening, not paying attention, not doing something, etc. -you know, the usual "yell at your husband" kind of things... remember this post) but tonight it was ugly... made uglier by the fact that my husband was doing what he usually does, which is be sweet, understanding & calm... He was actually patting my back- while I was being a blubbering idiot- which is an AMAZING thing to do, but when your wife is in lunatic-mode & having an emotional breakdown like I was at dinner that was a BAD thing to do! Because his calm demeanor was making me feel even crazier & just making me more upset... does anybody know what I mean?? Anybody??... {crickets}

I am glad to report, I am calm now... I give credit to the Nutella cookies... Thank you Pinterest!

Come back tomorrow for 'What I'm Obsessed with (Wednesday)!...

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