Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday Night Publix trip

Oh my sweet bloggie friends... It's the Thursday afternoon before a LOOOOOONG holiday weekend! Can you feel my excitement?!... The familia & I have ABSOLUTELY nothing planned for the long weekend and I am THRILLED about it!!! We usually spend our Labor Day weekend at the lake house with our extended family but since we were there last weekend for my Bday & we are scheduled to work the church nursery this Sunday, we are laying low all weekend... and that kinda makes me happy! :)

I just wanna clean & organize my house all weekend, cook for my family, hopefully watch (and stay awake) for a couple of movies with my sweet hubby & maybe indulge in a little retail therapy! :) ... I've got a few gift cards from my Birthday that are burning a hole in my wallet & I'm thinking this weekend, with all the Labor Day sales going on, may be the prime opportunity to cash them in! :)

What are y'alls plans for the long weekend??

So last night after dinner, I gathered up all my gear & headed to Publix...

I LOVE going to Publix on Wednesday nights! It's so quiet & peaceful!... And down every aisle are women just like me... no make-up on, sweat pants, hair hidden under a baseball cap or in pony tail, and their GIGANTIC stash of coupons perfectly organized in the front seat of the shopping cart! :)

Everytime I passed someone with the above description, I always give them a neighborly smile :-) ... but what I really want to say is, "Hey sister! Whatcha shopping for? What coupon deals did you find this week?!"...

I mean, I'm not normally a "walk up to a stranger and start a conversation" kinda girl, but on Wednesday nights at the local Publix, I feel like all of us ladies are cut from the same cloth!... I imagine they are all mommies like me... just barely got out of their houses with a little bit of sanity & dirty hair... somehow managed to sweet talk their husbands into taking the kid(s) for the night, so they could get a little bit of grocery shopping done in peace while getting high on coupon deals!... Does anybody out there know what I mean??? {I sure hope so, cause I'm kinda feeling like the cheese stands alone right now :( }

Don't you know, if somebody came up to me on my Wednesday night Publix coupon trip, I would be thrilled! In my grocery store dreams, we'd talk coupons and recipes, share notes & coupon organizing tips, maybe even swap coupons we weren't using... then become best friends forever... :) lol... Ok, so maybe not that far, but the other stuff would be nice!!...

So last night, I spent $133 and saved $87! WooHoo! That made me really happy since I bought a TON of produce! All in all, I'd say it was a great Wednesday night Publix trip!... I came home with a trunk load of groceries & a little more sanity than when I left the house... Next time, maybe it'll be even better & I'll have made a new friend! ha :)

Happy Labor Day Weekend Y'all! Be safe!

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  1. This post seriously made my night! Glad Im not alone! I heart Publix!!! Esp Wednesdays when the ads change :)