Tuesday, September 20, 2011

30 things..

In honor of me turning 30 last month, I thought I'd share 30 random things about me... :-)

1. I watch WAAAAYYYY too much reality TV! It's how I decompress! Just vegge out on the couch & watch mindless TV. I've seen every single episode of every season of the Real Housewives... It's probably not something to be proud of, but I think it shows that I'm a loyal person! LOL
2. I have roughly 500 unread emails in my Inbox... I used to tell myself I would eventually get to them, but at this point what's the use?...

3. I have no sense of direction! If you tell me to point you North, I'll point to the sky... That's what GoogleMaps & my husband are for! ;-)

4. I LOOOOVE cookbooks! I have more than I need, but still love getting new ones. I borrow tons from the library every visit...

5. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn on the cob & sweet tea makes me giddy! :)

6. I believe a good road trip should include pork rinds, boiled peanuts & beef jerky! In fact, if I'm driving anywhere south of TN that's more than 4 hours, it's a MUST!

7. I LOVE living in the south! It makes me proud to be a "southerner".

8. I'm even prouder to be a Tennesseean!
9. I like SPAM!... No, not the junk mail, the mystery meat!... Overall, I'm pretty good about buying organic & natural stuff, especially chicken, but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for spam, hot dogs & bologna... (yes, I totally just sung the "Oscar Meyer" song to spell "bologna")... ;)

10. Owls freak me out a little... I realize they are stylish now & are everywhere from jewelry to baby bedding, but they give me the creeps! I think it's that neck turning thing they do... (Sorry Beth! I know you love them)

11. Everytime the song "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leopard comes on the radio, I am imagining myself dancing like the hot girl in the video... hair flips & crawling on the floor and all! LOL... (My friend Rhiannon is probably laughing right now because I may or may not have performed this exact fantasy in real life begin silly one night a long time ago... :)

12. I am still boycotting Aruba... and Chris Brown.

13. I wish I knew how to play the piano...

14. I'm dying to learn how to sow... I've even started buying fabic for the day I know how!... I am FULLY aware, it will sit in my house collecting dust for quite a long time before I FINALLY get a sowing machine!

15. I don't like wearing chocolate brown or "crazy" colors (or prints for that matter)... 8 out of 10 times I will either be wearing black, gray, white, tan, blue or green... However, bright colored shoes or a show stopping handbag always makes me happy :)

16. I am OBSESSIVE about my coffee!... How its made & the cup I drink it out of... (I need 4 equals, a BIG splash of half and half and one of my FAVORITE travel mugs!)
17. I am NOT a morning person!... I'm especailly not a nice person, if I don't have my coffee... *Consider this your warning! ;=(

18. I have ZERO patience... (bad service at a restaurant & repeatedly having to tell my husband the same thing over & over again usually have the "zero tolerance" policy)

19. I love to bargain shop! It makes me SO proud to get a good deal on something that I usually can't shut up about it!...

20. I also have no problem dropping a fortune on a purse!... It's a passion really! I figure, I'm a bargain shopper on most things, so my purses can be my splurge! :)
21. I love my husband more today than I did when we 1st got married... REALLY!

22. I believe bananas and Nutella have to be THE BEST combination ever!
23. I'm allergic to cats...

24. I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch & dinner...

25. It takes me FOREVER to fall asleep every night... even if I'm really tired!
26. Close-minded people irritate the tar out of me!... another thing I have no patience for!

27. I have a slight hoarding problem when it comes to nail polishes & chap stick... and pens... and black clothing... and scarves... (I could probably go on, but I'll stop before I embarrass myself)

28. I hate ironing! I'll spent more time ironing my clothes with my flat iron while I'm wearing them, getting ready, before I lug out the ironing board & ACTUALLY iron...

29. I'm afraid of the dark...

30. And I sleep with a stuffed monkey named Mr. Monkey... YES, I am aware I am 30 years old! It's my thing... get over it! LOL :-)

Well there you have it folks... Wow! Coming up with 30 random things about me, was harder than I thought!... Hope I didn't bore y'all too bad!.. If you're still interested in learning more random stuff about me click here, here or here. :-)

Check back tomorrow for this week's "What I'm Obsessed with (Wednesday)... Fall Nail Polish Edition!! Whoop! :)

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  1. & you were 100% correct. I laughed so hard almost peed my pants ;)