Friday, February 19, 2010

Show Us Your Life: What do you collect?

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Well I think it's pretty obvious for my followers or anyone who looks at my blog title to know that I have a purse problem! But I'm not going to tell you how many I have because I have no clue anymore?!... they have truly taken over my life as well as my closet! {When I had my bridal shower, one of the questions on the "How well do you know the bride" quiz was "How many Coach bags does Jayne have?" LOL} ;)

Another thing that I started collecting about 4 years ago are aprons! It began right after I got married & started to fall in love with cooking... It felt great to put on a pretty apron and make a delicious meal for my sweet husband! I felt like such a good wife! ;)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jessie Steele aprons!!! They are so girlie! It just makes me smile to look at them!! These are some of her designs...

How cute are they, right?!... :)

And to make it even sweeter, they have mother/daughter aprons!!! You better believe I will be getting this cupcake set for me & sweet baby girl when she gets big enough!!... I actually gave this cupcake apron to my bestie, Jana, for her bridal shower & she loves it!

These aprons run around $30 and you can find them at Anthropologie or other boutique/specialty gift stores... I've even bought some on eBay!


  1. Those aprons are so cute! I've been wanting to get one!

  2. Girly I think we have alot in common LOL! I to collect purses! That an Pandora charms.....I am addicted to Pandora charms....and I have pretty much lost track of how many purses I have.....LOL The hubs is about to buy me a new Coach purse....since it has been 5 mths since I've had a new one LOL....that and all these chemo injections I soooo deserve a purse LOL....
    I also collect Matilda Jane clothing for Kelcee! Have you ever been to her website? They have the cutest clothes! They are in such high demand the new lines you have to locate a truck keeper and order them! They are pricey but too precious for words! Girl I could talk about shopping all day....LOL
    Have A Great Weekend
    Summer :0)

  3. I collect purses and aprons, too!! It's an addiction. Just last week I was at TJ Maxx and saw a cute yellow dress-like apron. It took everything in me to just walk away! You should check Pier 1 if you have one near you. They ususally have cute aprons, too.

  4. Your aprons are soo dang cute!! Yes you and your sweet little girl will look so cute in matching aprons! Yes I have quite an addiction to purses although I have been good lately..Your little girl is precious, I would love to come back and read more. I am also having a giveaway on my blog right now. I make hairbows, clips, hats etc for little girls and am giving away a huge lot. Please feel free to hope over and check it out!! Your blog is so cute, I am now a new follower!!

  5. Hi, coming over from Kelly's Korner. I love these aprons. We just moved a few weeks ago and there's an Anthropology close by so I will definately go check it out. I love your blog title, by the way. Really cute!

  6. LOVE those aprons!!!! Coming over from kellys korner......your blog is co cute!!!I'm now a new follower of yours! Feel free to head over to my blog and check it out!!:)