Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's up with Ali?!... (Bachelor Recap)

So I just got done watching this week's episode of The Bachelor where Ali leaves the show to keep her job... WTF?!?!?!?!?!

Ugh, I'm starting to get a little frustrated here ABC!!! Besides the fact that Ali has been my favorite since episode one, I'm annoyed that you can't come up with a different story line to create drama!... It's Jillian and Ed all over again!
Don't these people get clearences from their jobs before they go on the show?!
What's up with dropping the "I have to choose between my career & my personal life" bomb right at the perfect TV moment?! Come on Chris Harrison!!... quit toying with my emotions & find a better writer! ;)
Seriously though, I think she will end up coming back before the season ends (probably at the very last episode, flying in on the wings of a unicorn- or at the very least a helicopter landing on top of Vienna at the final rose cerimony)... or better yet, Jake will end up not choosing any of the remaining women & fly a plane to wherever Ali is to "go get his lady back"... (something very "Pretty Woman-ish" when Richard Gere rides in a limo with a bouquet of red roses to get his ex-prostitute or something ala Top Gun where Maverick shoots in just as the sun sets)... And Jake gets down on one knee and asks Ali to marry him & that she should have never left because it was her all along... And then they ride off together into the sunset on Jake's motorcycle with the song "On the Wings of Love" playing as an airplane flys overhead flying a banner behind it reading "and they lived happily ever after..." {man I should be a producer on this show! Lol} ;)

But we'll see how it plays out... Hopefully he'll get rid of Vienna soon because she is annoying me!... Actually they all kinda annoy me... Gia's mouth freightens me on occasion & Tenly is a little to "bubble gum" for my taste... I think I can only take a few more episodes of Jake too!... I don't mind a guy who can show his emotions & cry but c'mon... every episode!! (If he cries over a balcony one more time, I'm going to shoot myself!)... Plus, I get the feeling every now & then that he just thinks he's too good... Or maybe he's just irritated by all the nonesense?! I know I probably would be!

Anyhoo... I still can't wait to see how all this plays out! :)

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  1. I am a new follower and wanted to say I agree with you. I am watching it right now (already heard the spoilers earlier today lol) and I just don't trust Jake. I don't think he ever seems sincere and the kisses all seem so forced. I like Tenley the best but I don't think they belong together. And Vienna, ugh! I wish we could fast forward to the last episode!
    Btw, your blog and your family are too cute. :)