Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vuitton for Valentine's...

My oh my! What a day it has been!!... It's now 9:00pm and this has been the first time I've sat down to relax all day!!
It started out to be a normal Sunday... hard to get out of bed... had a mini-meltdown cause I couldn't find anything to wear... running late for church... hubs had my bagel & coffee ready and waiting for me when I came downstairs... all normal Sunday morning routines... except this Valentine's morning, he had the raspberry chocolate candies I had been hinting around about waiting for me on the kitchen table! :) {So sweet!}... Since we needed to walk out the door 5 minutes ago, I didn't have time to read my card before we left :(

After church, we all headed to the mall & that's where the day gets REALLY EXCITING!!!!!!!!! Hubs informed me that we are going to the mall because he wants to take me to LOUIS VUITTON TO PICK OUT A PURSE FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!}

(For my blog friends that don't know me very well, to me Louis Vuitton is the Holy Land! LOL :) It's probably obvious from my blog title that I am a purse-addict!... I'm not too big of a shoe person or a jewelry person, but give me a designer handbag and I am your girl!!!)

Up until recently, I have been a loyal Coach shopper! (When I found out I was pregnant, the first thing I did was go out and get myself a FABULOUS Coach diaper bag!)

We got a Louis Vuitton store at our local mall a few years back & since then I have been obsessing over owning one! Every time I would walk by their window displays, it took everything I had not to lick the glass because I was in such lust! LOL ;) and hubs knew about my obsession!... He even took me while I was pregnant to go pick one out as my "push present" (i.e. a present a new father gives the mother when she gives birth) but when the baby actually arrived we had 2nd thoughts about spending that on a purse so I picked out a watch instead...

Anyhoo, so when hubs told me about my Valentine's surprise I almost pee'd my pants!!! I was SO EXCITED!! I was getting my very own Louis!!! {I have a small evening bag, the "Pochette", that was a hand-me-down from my aunt because it was old & she got a new one and I have a wallet that was my mom's... and I also have a couple "replicas"-which I do not condone! Those just sit in my closet & I haven't been able to bring myself to get rid of them!... but now that I have this new one, "she" probably won't want to be in the same room as those! I told hubs we needed to turn the office into "her" room & get her a lighted pedestal to "sleep" on! Ha ;) }

Of course I acted like a total tourist inside the store, but I didn't care!!! I was getting a brand new Louis dang it! Of course I'm gonna capture every moment on film!!...
I really wanted to get baby girl's picture inside since it was her first time at Louis Vuitton!! She was so enthralled by the bags that she couldn't take her eyes off them long enough to look at the camera! LOL {I was terrified that she was going to spit up in there, but she was a total lady!}...

Here I am leaving the store... I look like a complete goober in this picture! I've got my "Holy $*%T my husband just bought me a brand new Louis" face on! LOL... ;)

And here she is... the newest member of our family!...
I told my husband that I totally don't deserve him OR that purse!!!... but I'm taking it anyway! HA! {I have a feeling this will be my Easter gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, & Christmas gift rolled into one!... and that's ok!}
The rest of the day was a continued whirlwind... my sister-in-law came over to finish taking baby girl's 6 month portraits, I finished doing laundry, cleaned the house a little, then I made a "romantic" dinner for me & hubs! We had been so busy the whole day that we didn't even have time to get anything special for dinner. So guess what we had... you guessed it... a BLT!! LOL :)
I made it "fancy" though and put it on a real plate instead of a paper plate & added corn on the cob & my husband's favorite fruit salad I make him in a martini glass! :)
It couldn't have been better & more perfect Valentine's Day! {sighs}


  1. LOL....Girl I think we are alot alike!! I am a purse Freak! I have 9 Coaches and 10 Dooney and Bourke, 2 Uggs, and 1 PRECIOUS Louis....Enjoy her.... she is gonna be your new BFF!! LOL

    Go your hubby what a great suprise...I LOL at the pic of your little girl in the LV store... That is totally something I would do....

    Glad you had an AWESOME V-Day....

    Summer :0)

  2. I am beside myself over your new Louis!! CONGRATS!! Have a fun visit with your Mom!!!

  3. Ummmm I am dying over that Louis!! I also lust over Louis constantly. Maybe one day....(sigh)! haha!