Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday...

So I am actually looking forward to watching the Super Bowl this evening!... We're not doing anything fancy. Our plans to go over my brother & sister-in-law's actually got cancelled because he came down with a virus. So we're just gonna stay home & watch it- which suits me just fine. I can stay in my jammies, underneath my Snuggie & not have to put a bra on! Yeah! ;)

I'm normally one of those girls that will watch the Super Bowl with no real emotion or amusement (unless the Titans are playing)... I'm really just in it for the commercials! During game play, that's the time to eat, socialize, & go to the bathroom. But when the commercials come on is when I'm actually paying attention! :) Its the only time I like watching commercials! (who doesn't like Super Bowl commercials right?!)
But during tonight's game it will be different! I'm going to try to pay attention the whole time {baby permitting}... Because Kim Kardashian's boyfriend is playing! LOL. And they might show her & the family on TV! (I love me some Kardashians! ;)... And Kendra's hubby is playing against them!... So this time it's personal since I have friends playing! LOL. (Can you tell I watch way too much reality TV?!)
I'm "Team Saints!"... Not only because of Kim K. but because I think they deserve it! I think it's just what New Orleans needs!! (or at least that's what Ellen Degeneres says!... Again I watch way too much TV!)
Anyhoo, we are on our way to church. I'm exstatic because I was able to fit into one of my favorite pre-baby skirts! (it's holding on by a thread & a prayer but nonetheless it's on!!) And I've got my "Team Saints" colors on!! I'll try to take a picture later to post!

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